I am excited to meeting you, and capture your special moments. If you want to know more about me take a look at the pictures below it has a bit of everything I love. 


NOW, Long version About me :) 

I remembered holding my pencil and writing tons of papers that had a lot of meaning to me ( just kidding no meaning) cause I was a kid. I wanted to write so fast so I created a script that looks like waves - it was fast and easy to fill up tons of papers, I filled pages of them so I thought I wanted to be a teacher and I loved it. The Mirror was my whiteboard and helped a lot with writing and erasing but years passed and I am a photographer and a graphic designer now, I appreciate happy moments and art. I grew up with a mom who loved family photos so we literally had all our family pictures hanged on the wall in our long hallway even some people that I did not meet they live far but I knew their faces and their name. My dad loved art and painting so he used to always come home, excited with original paintings for famous artists and hung them up on the wall. They are all for famous artists from back home. I loved art and pictures, I grew up with it ... how can I not appreciate it. So for me, photography is not a profession it's not a skill it's not a hobby it's something that I know will make people happy and that for me is a reward. It's not the picture I take only it's the long term friendship, it's the love of life that we share and your moments that I treasure more than you can imagine.

I cannot wait to meet you and make some memories last forever.