I'm Farah Ghazal

I'm truly  blessed to have found what I love in life and be able to pursue it. It’s not always easy to take that leap of faith and put your heart’s work on display, but it always leads to beautiful and unexpected destinations.

I believe that memories can be fleeting, but photos can capture these moments and make them last forever, long after your memories have faded. These photos become the root of the stories you tell your grandchildren, and that is so, so special.

I specialize in wedding & lifestyle photography. My photo style is authentic, romantic, joyful and bright! 

I believe each couple, family, and person is unique and different. My approach with each project is to capture your unique spirit and make it the focus.

I think that the most amazing rewards in life are the ones that leave us complete and whole, while making a difference in someone else's life. Being able to capture incredible moments and making my clients feel/look beautiful from the inside out is my way to put positivity back into the world and make that difference in someone’s life.

It’s an honour to capture the happiest moments for so many couples, and it is truly the most rewarding part of what I do. I would be honoured to get to know you and to capture your special moments!






                                 A few recent spots i'm honored to be published around the digital neighborhood